Sarah Bronson is the main character of the "What's Next for Sarah?" webseries that premiered on Vimeo on August 13,2014. Sarah is a famous actress and has a hit tv series running on its fifth successful season. It is revealed in Episode 1, during an interview with Fiona Diaz that Sarah happens to be dating a guy named Jack Cromwell (who dumps Sarah, after finding out that she is NO longer on a hit tv show).

Sarah's best friend is Oli. Her and Oli, have a sister-like relationship throughout the series and possibly even live with each other.

In Episode 3, Sarah gets a call from a Casting Director saying that she could audition for the role. Sarah gets so excited, she leaves the annoying and talkative Gloriana sitting alone talking to herself.

In Episode 4, Sarah's Agents call her and inform her about a role in a commercial, only prompting her to dye her hair purple. Sarah's friend, Oli dyes Sarah's hair and unfortunately, Sarah says that in purple hair, she looks like Nicki Minaj. Oli cuts Sarah's hair short and dyes Sarah's hair to it's original color. In the end, Sarah makes a life changing step away from acting for a while to enjoy her life.